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    LED technology is rapidly changing and with Philips, we will be there with you throughout this transformation. A brand that has been there since the beginning, Philips can help you with the right product that best fits your application. Our industry-leading LED lamps can increase your energy savings and decrease your carbon footprint. Find a multitude of professional LED lamps to fit your needs.

    Philips MasterClass

    Philips MasterClass

    For every project where exceptional, high-quality lighting is required. The MasterClass line of LEDs exceeds industry energy efficiency requirements, featuring improved lifespan and warranties with broad product ranges.
    Philips CorePro

    Philips CorePro

    For every job requiring efficiency, value and uncompromising quality, these LED lamps are perfect for basic lighting needs across a wide range of applications. The CorePro line of LEDs meet industry efficiency standards and minimize maintenance costs for quick payback.
    Expanded premium portfolio
    Wide-ranging professional-grade portfolio with competitive price points
    Up to 70,000 hours
    Up to 50,000 hours
    Enhanced features such as warm glow dimming effect
    Standard features
    Up to 7-year warranty
    Up to 5-year warranty
    Color Rendering
    CRI 90+
    CRI 80+
    Product Construction/Material
    Premium materials
    Standard materials

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    New product showcase

    FlexFit Angle

    FlexFit (Dual-mode) T8 LED Lamps


    Introducing FlexFit (Dual-mode) T8 LED Lamps by Philips. It works as either a plug-and-play (UL Type A) or ballast bypass (UL Type B) lamp. As a Type A lamp, it is compatible with a variety of electronic ballasts. If a ballast is not desired or fails in the field, the lamp can quickly be installed as a double-ended ballast bypass (UL Type B) lamp.

    High Lumen BR30 and BR40 Reflectors

    Philips High Lumen BR30 and BR40 Reflectors


    Introducing the Philips High Lumen BR30 and BR40 Reflectors that are brighter, higher performance, energy efficient lighting solutions replacing standard medium screw base (E26) incandescent, halogen and CFL reflectors. The BR30 lamp at 1400 lumen is an energy efficient replacement for the 100W incandescent using only 15W, while the BR40W lamp at 2175 lumen replaces the 150W incandescent using only 20W of energy. These high lumen reflectors offer smooth dimming down to 10% with excellent color rendering at 90CRI, these lamps will lower maintenance costs by reducing the frequency of relamping. Great for high ceiling applications and works in enclosed fixtures. Energy Star certified.

    TrueForce High wattage Corn Cob Lamps

    MasterClass TrueForce High wattage Corn Cob Lamps


    We are expanding our LED HID replacement family this year to include High wattage lamps replacing HID lamps up to 400W+. The impressive Signify design uses our own Active Cooling lamps, enabling smaller lamps which fit within industry standard ANSI outlines. These lamps coupled with our Passive Cooling Corn Cobs offer a solution for a wider range of applications and budgets.

    Discontinued product
    Philips LED Corn Cob lamps 

    Philips LED Corn Cob lamps will be going away, making room for our brand-new generation of smaller sized Corn Cob lamps, designed to fit an even wider range of fixtures, applications, and budgets. Choose from our Passive Cooling CorePro Corn Cob lamps or our new TrueForce MasterClass range of high wattage lamps. 
    Our Ballast Bypass TrueForce Highbay lamps are also being replaced with a newer, best-in-class, lighter weight version, yielding up to 24000 lumens and offering huge energy savings. 

    California Title 20  

    Beginning January 1, 2018, California state-regulated LED lamps, small diameter directional lamps (SDDL), and general service lamps (GSL) manufactured on or after January 1, 2018 will be required to comply with the performance, testing and marking requirements of California’s Appliance Efficiency Regulations (Title 20).

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