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        You are now visiting the Philips lighting website. A localized version is available for you.

          Discover our professional and consumer Philips lighting products


          Improve your well being 


          Our lighting innovations will change how you experience light.

          Visit our consumer website

          Smart LED

          From basic to immersive



          Choose light that’s easy on the eyes


          Dimmable LED

          Dims to a cozy warm glow


          Decorative Filaments

          From cool modern to cozy vintage styles

          Public Spaces

          Create efficient, livable cities


          Build a smarter city with connected lighting that can reduce energy and maintenance costs, stimulate economic development, and enhance the life of citizen

          Case Study

          An Inspiring Identity for City Hall

          Chandler City Hall

          Case Study

          City of Los Angeles

          Connected Street lighting with CityTouch


          SiteWise area lighting management system

          Delivering peace of mind to your site


          Beyond the Expected

          Philips Gardco EcoForm LED site and area luminaires

          Office & Industry

          Optimize your building


          Optimize your building with smart connected lighting systems from Philips Lighting to save energy and improve operational efficiency while also enhancing employee productivity, and well-being.

          Case Study

          The Edge Building, Amsterdam

          Office life with connected lighting


          SpaceWise LED Lighting

          Reduce energy costs without compromising eye comfort

          Application Area

          Safer, Smarter Facilities

          Reduce costs while improving productivity and safety


          InterAct Office

          A new data driven approach for a changing world

          Retail & hospitality

          Enhance the in-store experience


          With the right LED lighting retailers can create a compelling brand identity to engage and inspire shoppers.  While software apps over in-store positioning (IPS) can guide and personalize the shopping experience.



          Take control of your retail space


          Update Fluorescent Fixtures Instantly

          Swap out your existing fluorescents with IntstantFit


          The Power of Positioning

          Enhance shopper experience with indoor GPS

          Application Area

          Guest room controls

          Unique and memorable experiences

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